Investigations of Sophie Hainaut / Les enquêtes de Sophie Hainaut

Serial tv



Title: Investigations of Sophie Hainaut


Term: 12 x 52 minutes

Genre: Serial police investigations and suspense, thriller,

Target: adolescents and adults


The serial recounts the life and the sentimentalo-school disappointments of a young journalism student: Sophie Hainaut, 16 years old. She has smalls heartbreaks because she is very independent and sassy

She always falls by chance on surveys conducted by investigative journalists from major newspaper whose mother is editor in chief.

She can not help but stick his nose into everything and despite she is involved into investigations of robberies, murders and others.

She will be assisted by friends, journalists, police officers or students who gravitate around her, for reasons of work or more personal


The two screenplays are already written in the form long synopsis or treatment and can be further developed in the format 52 min.

Pitch of the first two episodes:

(This scenario is presented as a novel to apprehend the history in some pages)

 Criminal Osmosis

 In Brussels, at a reception held by a bank, a senior official was assassinated. At the same time, at Mons in the offices of a department store, a woman is murdered. The man and woman are husband and wife…


Genome 14a

Eva is a researcher in molecular biology. She and her team have made important scientific discoveries. She has to go to Brussels for a seminar on genetics. She comes in advance at the hotel where the conference will be held to meet his friend Sophie. She is lost in the hotel and stumbles on his teacher who supposed to be suffering and not be there….


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                 Bible de série  télévisée :                  



Titre : les enquêtes de   Sophie  Hainaut 


Projet :

Pilotes : 12 x 52 minutes

Genre : série enquêtes policières et suspense, thriller, polar

Public : adolescents et adultes

 Concept :

La série raconte , la vie et les déboires sentimentalo-scolaires d’une jeune étudiante en journalisme Sophie  Hainaut, 16 ans. Elle a des petites déceptions amoureuses parce qu’elle est très indépendante et délurée

Elle tombe toujours par hasard sur des enquêtes menées par des journalistes d’investigation du grand quotidien de province dont sa mère est rédactrice en chef.

Elle ne peut pas s’empêcher de fourrer son nez partout et est mêlée  malgré elle  à  des enquêtes  de vols, de meurtres et autres.

Elle sera secondée par des amis journalistes, policiers ou étudiants qui graviteront autour d’elle, pour des raisons professionnelles ou plus personnelles

 Pitch :

Les 2 scénarii de base sont déjà écrits sous forme de synopsis développés ou de nouvelle et serviront de base pour le développement au format 52 min.