Dolce Vita

Made-for-TV film

Genre : biopic, historic

Term : 2 x 52 min

Target: adults





Doce Vita

The history of early Italian immigrants in the Borinage (Belgium) in 1957

Guido, a young Italian arrived in Belgium to work at the mine. It settles and time passes between those moments of work and leisure.
 One day he meets a girl, Belgian blonde with blue eyes, whom he falls immediately in love and tries to woo his father being a coach pitch team ball, he decided to enroll in team to be near her

This does not please his friends, who take for a betrayal that he does not practice soccer, but a « stupid Belgian game”, but in addition he attended a Belgian girl, or a man who courted the daughter, too, but to whom she has always rejected the advances; It organizes sabotage in the mine to try to remove it, but it fails;

One day the older brother of Guido arrives in the country and wants to resume command of his life. He ordered him to return home because the father had found a girl to marry.

Meanwhile, the team gets into the championship ball pincushion, and other Italian reinforces the team. This is the final. Guido hesitated because his train starts at the same time of the party.

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